Genics Laboratories is a state-of-the-art laboratory founded by an executive team with over 25 years of cumulative experience. Genics Laboratories specializes in the testing of high-complexity molecular diagnostics for all clientele. Being licensed in multiple states, allows us to extend our services to clinicians from various locations and therefore extending patient care.  Genics Laboratories provides the most accuracy for every sample to make sure all healthcare organizations are able to properly diagnose their patients.

In order to supply providers with the best value, we have collaborated with the most renowned clinicians in our field, who  advised us on every organism that we have included in each panel and also assisted us in creating the most comprehensive and easy-to-read patients report. Our model is to provide testing based on the clinician’s needs to assure the fastest and most accurate patient treatment. In addition, our scientists are readily available to provide expert interpretive results upon request.

Genics Laboratories offers:

Home medicine review

99% Sensitivity and Specificity

We Ensure Safe Diagnosis